Encouraging clients, team members and staff to openly discuss all aspects of projects, supports transparent communication. Transparent communication, coupled with collaborative guidance, is the foundation of LPD’s holistic approach to the civil engineering design. Each member of the management team strives to ensure they lead by example, encourage communication, and create an environment where solutions are shaped by the projects goals and community needs, supported by applicable codes.

Laurie Pfarr, P.E., LEED AP, CESCL

Laurie founded LPD Engineering to provide excellent customer service through immersion in all project aspects to ensure the civil design considers all variables. She challenges herself and staff not to be limited by the perceptions of others and create solutions to suit the individual needs of each project. Throughout her 23 years of civil engineering, Laurie’s customer service and holistic design approach has garnered the respect from her clients, whether they are owners, architects, contractors, jurisdictions or staff.

Nicole Hernandez, P.E., LEED AP
Project Manager

Engineering has always been Nicole’s destiny. A daughter of an engineer and teacher, Nicole excels in collaborating on design issues and ensuring there are no loose ends. Throughout her nearly 20-year career, Nicole acquired the ability to get to the root of the client’s issues and generate design options to examine. Her clear communication style, strong work ethic and approachable nature enable her to form strong, lasting relationships with her clients and team members.

Marc Servizi, P.E.
Project Manager

As a son of an engineer, Marc was destined to be an engineer from a very early age, starting when he dug huge forts in the backyard garden. He has been building or designing some piece of infrastructure ever since. Throughout his 30-year career, Marc has acquired the ability to wade through project complexities to get to the heart of the issue and generate workable and efficient design options. Because of his broad range and depth of experience, – and positive communication style – Marc manages some of our largest and most complex projects.

Jennifer Argraves, P.E.
Project Manager

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Scott Daniels
Business Manager

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