Quality Focused, Relationship Driven

  • Environmentally Sensitive
    Environmentally Sensitive
    Rain gardens and bioswales enhance the project, environment and community.
  • Safe Ingress/Egress
    Safe Ingress/Egress
    Schools and parks are safer when drives are configured and marked for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Protective Areas
    Protective Areas
    Protecting natural or engineered habitat ensures future generations can enjoy the flora and fauna.
  • Pacific Northwest Focus
    Pacific Northwest Focus
    Appropriate field drainage is especially important in the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Our Practice

LPD Engineering’s practice is based on establishing relationships through delivering quality civil engineering designs, facilitating dialogue and taking a proactive and holistic approach to each project. Whether it’s during the initial planning or in the depths of the design, LPD guides our clients through design challenges and the regulatory maze unique to each project.

Clients and partners of LPD shape our firm by inspiring us to continually reach for new solutions to challenges. Established more than a decade ago in Seattle, our civil site design practice incorporates stormwater management, erosion control, utilities, grading and paving for both the public and private sectors.  Our projects include K-12; higher education; public services; parks and recreation; maintenance and light industrial; single and multi family residential; and commercial.

Applying our civil engineering talents to create quality solutions and designs is the foundation upon which our relationships rest.


Our Approach

Focused on the big picture, our clients count on us for an overarching perspective regarding the project to ensure the site is designed toward today’s users and tomorrow’s future.

Establishing trustworthy relationships with governing agencies is critical to smoothly transitioning through every phase of the project.

Designing the task at hand while communicating about upcoming steps allows LPD to anticipate and adjust designs to provide the most economical and functional long-term solutions.

Collaborating with our clients, partners and staff nurtures our creativity and passion for design. Each project is unique, but by following a similar approach throughout each project, we allow ourselves to best serve our clients.

We are problem solvers, going above and beyond to serve our clients.